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Sy, M.M.; Rey-Valette, H.; Figuières, C.; Simier, M.; De Wit, R. The impact of academic information supply and familiarity on preferences for ecosystem services 2021 183 106959
Goikoetxea, A.; Sadoul, B.; Blondeau-Bidet, E.; Aerts, J.; Blanc, M.-O.; Parrinello, H.; Barrachina, C.; Pratlong, M.; Geffroy, B. Genetic pathways underpinning hormonal stress responses in fish exposed to short- and long-term warm ocean temperatures 2021 120 106937
Guillotreau, P.; Bihan, V.L.; Morineau, B.; Pardo, S. The vulnerability of shellfish farmers to HAB events: An optimal matching analysis of closure decrees 2021 101 101968
Leruste, A.; Garrido, M.; Malet, N.; Bec, B.; De Wit, R.; Cecchi, P.; Pasqualini, V. Impact of nutrient availability on the trophic strategies of the planktonic protist communities in a disturbed Mediterranean coastal lagoon 2021 848 1101–1119
Kopf, R.K.; Yen, J.D.L.; Nimmo, D.G.; Brosse, S.; Villeger, S. Global patterns and predictors of trophic position, body size and jaw size in fishes 2021 30 414-428