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Brunet, M.; Bettignies, F. de; Duff, N.L.; Tanguy, G.; Davoult, D.; Leblanc, C.; Gobet, A.; Thomas, F. Accumulation of detached kelp biomass in a subtidal temperate coastal ecosystem induces succession of epiphytic and sediment bacterial communities 2021
Cariou, P.; Guillotreau, P. Capacity management by global shipping alliances: findings from a game experiment 2021
Castro-Ruiz, D.; Andree, K.B.; Solovyev, M.M.; Fernández-Méndez, C.; García-Dávila, C.; Cahu, C.; Gisbert, E.; Darias, M.J. The Digestive Function of Pseudoplatystoma punctifer Early Juveniles Is Differentially Modulated by Dietary Protein, Lipid and Carbohydrate Content and Their Ratios 2021 11 369
Chary, K.; Callier, M.D.; Covès, D.; Aubin, J.; Simon, J.; Fiandrino, A. Scenarios of fish waste deposition at the sub-lagoon scale: a modelling approach for aquaculture zoning and site selection 2021
Chassot, E.; Antoine, S.; Guillotreau, P.; Lucas, J.; Assan, C.; Marguerite, M.; Bodin, N. Fuel consumption and air emissions in one of the world’s largest commercial fisheries 2021 116454