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Lefebvre, C.; Saraux, C.; Heitz, O.; Nowaczyk, A.; Bonnet, D. Microplastics FTIR characterisation and distribution in the water column and digestive tracts of small pelagic fish in the Gulf of Lions 2019 142 510-519
Kermagoret, C.; Claudet, J.; Derolez, V.; Nugues, M.M.; Ouisse, V.; Quillien, N.; Baulaz, Y.; Le Mao, P.; Scemama, P.; Vaschalde, D.; Bailly, D.; Mongruel, R. How does eutrophication impact bundles of ecosystem services in multiple coastal habitats using state-and-transition models 2019 174 144-153
De Wit, R.; Vincent, A.; Foulc, L.; Klesczewski, M.; Scher, O.; Loste, C.; Thibault, M.; Poulin, B.; Ernoul, L.; Boutron, O. Seventy-year chronology of Salinas in southern France: Coastal surfaces managed for salt production and conservation issues for abandoned sites 2019 49 95-107
Mouton, T.L.; Matheson, F.E.; Stephenson, F.; Champion, P.D.; Wadhwa, S.; Hamer, M.P.; Catlin, A.; Riis, T. Environmental filtering of native and non-native stream macrophyte assemblages by habitat disturbances in an agricultural landscape 2019 659 1370-1381
Galès, A.; Bonnafous, A.; Carré, C.; Jauzein, V.; Lanouguère, E.; Le Floc'h, E.; Pinoit, J.; Poullain, C.; Roques, C.; Sialve, B.; Simier, M.; Steyer, J.-P.; Fouilland, E. Importance of ecological interactions during wastewater treatment using High Rate Algal Ponds under different temperate climates 2019 40 101508