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Faggion, S.; Vandeputte, M.; Chatain, B.; Gagnaire, P.-A.; Allal, F. Population-specific variations of the genetic architecture of sex determination in wild European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax L 2019 122 612-621
Hickman-Lewis, K.; Gautret, P.; Arbaret, L.; Sorieul, S.; De Wit, R.; Foucher, F.; Cavalazzi, B.; Westall, F. Mechanistic morphogenesis of organo-sedimentary structures growing under geochemically stressed conditions: Keystone to proving the biogenicity of some archaean stromatolites? 2019 9 359
Lagarde, F.; Fiandrino, A.; Ubertini, M.; d'Orbcastel, E.R.; Mortreux, S.; Chiantella, C.; Bec, B.; Bonnet, D.; Roques, C.; Bernard, I.; Richard, M.; Guyondet, T.; Pouvreau, S.; Lett, C. Duality of trophic supply and hydrodynamic connectivity drives spatial patterns of Pacific oyster recruitment 2019 632 81-100
van der Geest, M.; van der Lely, J.A.C.; van Gils, J.A.; Piersma, T.; Lok, T. Density-dependent growth of bivalves dominating the intertidal zone of Banc d’Arguin, Mauritania: importance of feeding mode, habitat and season 2019 610 51-63
Trenkel, V.M.; Vaz, S.; Albouy, C.; Brind’Amour, A.; Duhamel, E.; Laffargue, P.; Romagnan, J.B.; Simon, J.; Lorance, P. We can reduce the impact of scientific trawling on marine ecosystems 2019 609 277-282