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Trombetta, T.; Vidussi, F.; Mas, S.; Parin, D.; Simier, M.; Mostajir, B. Water temperature drives phytoplankton blooms in coastal waters 2019 14 e0214933
Mahé, K.; Ider, D.; Massaro, A.; Hamed, O.; Jurado-Ruzafa, A.; Gonçalves, P.; Anastasopoulou, A.; Jadaud, A.; Mytilineou, C.; Elleboode, R.; Ramdane, Z.; Bacha, M.; Amara, R.; de Pontual, H.; Ernande, B. Directional bilateral asymmetry in otolith morphology may affect fish stock discrimination based on otolith shape analysis 2019 76 232-243
Colloca, F.; Milisenda, G.; Capezzuto, F.; Cau, A.; Garofalo, G.; Jadaud, A.; Kiparissis, S.; Micallef, R.; Montanini, S.; Thasitis, I.; Vallisneri, M.; Voliani, A.; Vrgoc, N.; Zupa, W.; Ordines, R. Spatial and temporal trend in the abundance and distribution of gurnards (Pisces: Triglidae) in the northern Mediterranean Sea 2019 83 101-116
Lefebvre, C.; Saraux, C.; Heitz, O.; Nowaczyk, A.; Bonnet, D. Microplastics FTIR characterisation and distribution in the water column and digestive tracts of small pelagic fish in the Gulf of Lions 2019 142 510-519
Kermagoret, C.; Claudet, J.; Derolez, V.; Nugues, M.M.; Ouisse, V.; Quillien, N.; Baulaz, Y.; Le Mao, P.; Scemama, P.; Vaschalde, D.; Bailly, D.; Mongruel, R. How does eutrophication impact bundles of ecosystem services in multiple coastal habitats using state-and-transition models 2019 174 144-153