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Zhao, T.; Villeger, S.; Cucherousset, J. Accounting for intraspecific diversity when examining relationships between non-native species and functional diversity 2019 189 171-183
Yang, W.-K.; Chao, T.-L.; Chuang, H.-J.; Hu, Y.-C.; Lorin-Nebel, C.; Blondeau-Bidet, E.; Wu, W.-Y.; Tang, C.-H.; Tsai, S.-C.; Lee, T.-H. Gene expression of Na+/K+-ATPase α-isoforms and FXYD proteins and potential modulatory mechanisms in euryhaline milkfish kidneys upon hypoosmotic challenges 2019 504 59-69
Xiong, W.; Gao, S.; Lu, Y.; Wei, L.; Mao, J.; Xie, J.; Cao, Q.; Liu, J.; Bi, J.; Song, X.; Li, B. Latrophilin participates in insecticide susceptibility through positively regulating CSP10 and partially compensated by OBPC01 in Tribolium castaneum 2019 159 107-117
Virgili, A.; Authier, M.; Boisseau, O.; Cañadas, A.; Claridge, D.; Cole, T.; Corkeron, P.; Dorémus, G.; David, L.; Di‐Méglio, N.; Dunn, C.; Dunn, T.E.; García‐Barón, I.; Laran, S.; Lauriano, G.; Lewis, M.; Louzao, M.; Mannocci, L.; Martínez‐Cedeira, J.; Palka, D.; Panigada, S.; Pettex, E.; Roberts, J.J.; Ruiz, L.; Saavedra, C.; Santos, M.B.; Canneyt, O.V.; Bonales, J.A.V.; Monestiez, P.; Ridoux, V. Combining multiple visual surveys to model the habitat of deep-diving cetaceans at the basin scale 2019 28 300-314
Villeger, S.; Fouilland, E.; Argenty, J.; Bouvier, C.; Carré, C.; Bouvier, T. Interspecific differences in the effect of fish on marine microbial plankton 2019 82 289-298