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Bailleul, D.; Mackenzie, A.; Sacchi, O.; Poisson, F.; Bierne, N.; Arnaud‐Haond, S. Large-scale genetic panmixia in the blue shark (Prionace glauca): A single worldwide population, or a genetic lag-time effect of the “grey zone” of differentiation? 2018 11 614-630
de Lorgeril, J.; Escoubas, J.-M.; Loubiere, V.; Pernet, F.; Le Gall, P.; Vergnes, A.; Aujoulat, F.; Jeannot, J.-L.; Jumas-Bilak, E.; Got, P.; Gueguen, Y.; Destoumieux-Garzón, D.; Bachère, E. Inefficient immune response is associated with microbial permissiveness in juvenile oysters affected by mass mortalities on field 2018 77 156-163
Li, M.; Liang, Z.; Callier, M.D.; Roque d'orbcastel, E.; Sun, G.; Ma, X.; Li, X.; Wang, S.; Liu, Y.; Song, X. Nutrients removal and substrate enzyme activities in vertical subsurface flow constructed wetlands for mariculture wastewater treatment: Effects of ammonia nitrogen loading rates and salinity levels 2018 131 142-150
Baudrier, J.; Lefebvre, A.; Galgani, F.; Saraux, C.; Doray, M. Optimising French fisheries surveys for marine strategy framework directive integrated ecosystem monitoring 2018 94 10-19
Malauene, B.S.; Moloney, C.L.; Lett, C.; Roberts, M.J.; Marsac, F.; Penven, P. Impact of offshore eddies on shelf circulation and river plumes of the Sofala Bank, Mozambique Channel 2018 185 1-12