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Ben Ouada, S.; Ben Ali, R.; Leboulanger, C.; Ben Ouada, H.; Sayadi, S. Effect of Bisphenol A on the extremophilic microalgal strain Picocystis sp. (Chlorophyta) and its high BPA removal ability 2018 158 1-8
Abadie, E.; Chiantella, C.; Crottier, A.; Rhodes, L.; Masseret, E.; Berteaux, T.; Laabir, M. What are the main environmental factors driving the development of the neurotoxic dinoflagellate Vulcanodinium rugosum in a Mediterranean ecosystem (Ingril lagoon, France)? 2018 75 75-86
Boussarie, G.; Bakker, J.; Wangensteen, O.S.; Mariani, S.; Bonnin, L.; Juhel, J.-B.; Kiszka, J.J.; Kulbicki, M.; Manel, S.; Robbins, W.D.; Vigliola, L.; Mouillot, D. Environmental DNA illuminates the dark diversity of sharks 2018 4 eaap9661
Frelat, R.; Orio, A.; Casini, M.; Lehmann, A.; Mérigot, B.; Otto, S.A.; Sguotti, C.; Möllmann, C. A three-dimensional view on biodiversity changes: spatial, temporal, and functional perspectives on fish communities in the Baltic Sea 2018 75 2463-2475
Miloslavich, P.; Bax, N.J.; Simmons, S.E.; Klein, E.; Appeltans, W.; Aburto‐Oropeza, O.; Garcia, M.A.; Batten, S.D.; Benedetti‐Cecchi, L.; Checkley, D.M.; Chiba, S.; Duffy, J.E.; Dunn, D.C.; Fischer, A.; Gunn, J.; Kudela, R.; Marsac, F.; Muller‐Karger, F.E.; Obura, D.; Shin, Y.-J. Essential ocean variables for global sustained observations of biodiversity and ecosystem changes 2018 24 2416-2433