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Dalongeville, A.; Benestan, L.; Mouillot, D.; Lobreaux, S.; Manel, S. Combining six genome scan methods to detect candidate genes to salinity in the Mediterranean striped red mullet (Mullus surmuletus) 2018 19 217
Bettarel, Y.; Halary, S.; Auguet, J.-C.; Mai, T.C.; Bui, N.V.; Bouvier, T.; Got, P.; Bouvier, C.; Monteil-Bouchard, S.; Christelle, D. Corallivory and the microbial debacle in two branching scleractinians 2018 12 1109-1126
Hori, M.; Hamaoka, H.; Hirota, M.; Lagarde, F.; Vaz, S.; Hamaguchi, M.; Hori, J.; Makino, M. Application of the coastal ecosystem complex concept toward integrated management for sustainable coastal fisheries under oligotrophication 2018 84 283-292
Garzon-Lopez, C.X.; Hattab, T.; Skowronek, S.; Aerts, R.; Ewald, M.; Feilhauer, H.; Honnay, O.; Decocq, G.; Van De Kerchove, R.; Somers, B.; Schmidtlein, S.; Rocchini, D.; Lenoir, J. The DIARS toolbox: a spatially explicit approach to monitor alien plant invasions through remote sensing 2018 4 e25301
Ewald, M.; Aerts, R.; Lenoir, J.; Fassnacht, F.E.; Nicolas, M.; Skowronek, S.; Piat, J.; Honnay, O.; Garzón-López, C.X.; Feilhauer, H.; Van De Kerchove, R.; Somers, B.; Hattab, T.; Rocchini, D.; Schmidtlein, S. LiDAR derived forest structure data improves predictions of canopy N and P concentrations from imaging spectroscopy 2018 211 13-25