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Bax, N.J.; Appeltans, W.; Brainard, R.; Duffy, J.E.; Dunstan, P.; Hanich, Q.; Harden Davies, H.; Hills, J.; Miloslavich, P.; Muller-Karger, F.E.; Simmons, S.; Aburto-Oropeza, O.; Batten, S.; Benedetti-Cecchi, L.; Checkley, D.; Chiba, S.; Fischer, A.; Andersen Garcia, M.; Gunn, J.; Klein, E.; Kudela, R.M.; Marsac, F.; Obura, D.; Shin, Y.-J.; Sloyan, B.; Tanhua, T.; Wilkin, J. Linking Capacity Development to GOOS Monitoring Networks to Achieve Sustained Ocean Observation 2018 5 346
Beiras, R.; Bellas, J.; Cachot, J.; Cormier, B.; Cousin, X.; Engwall, M.; Gambardella, C.; Garaventa, F.; Keiter, S.; Le Bihanic, F.; Lopez-Ibanez, S.; Piazza, V.; Rial, D.; Tato, T.; Vidal-Linan, L. Ingestion and contact with polyethylene microplastics does not cause acute toxicity on marine zooplankton 2018 360 452-460
Ben Othman, H.; Lanouguère, É.; Got, P.; Sakka Hlaili, A.; Leboulanger, C. Structural and functional responses of coastal marine phytoplankton communities to PAH mixtures 2018 209 908-919
Ben Ouada, S.; Ben Ali, R.; Leboulanger, C.; Ben Ouada, H.; Sayadi, S. Effect of Bisphenol A on the extremophilic microalgal strain Picocystis sp. (Chlorophyta) and its high BPA removal ability 2018 158 1-8
Ben Ouada, S.; Ben Ali, R.; Leboulanger, C.; Zaghden, H.; Choura, S.; Ben Ouada, H.; Sayadi, S. Effect and removal of bisphenol A by two extremophilic microalgal strains (Chlorophyta) 2018 30 1765-1776