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Freon, P.; Durand, H.; Avadí, A.; Huaranca, S.; Orozco Moreyra, R. Life cycle assessment of three Peruvian fishmeal plants: Toward a cleaner production 2017 145 50-63
Maury, O.; Campling, L.; Arrizabalaga, H.; Aumont, O.; Bopp, L.; Merino, G.; Squires, D.; Cheung, W.; Goujon, M.; Guivarch, C.; Lefort, S.; Marsac, F.; Monteagudo, P.; Murtugudde, R.; Österblom, H.; Pulvenis, J.F.; Ye, Y.; van Ruijven, B.J. From shared socio-economic pathways (SSPs) to oceanic system pathways (OSPs): Building policy-relevant scenarios for global oceanic ecosystems and fisheries 2017 45 203-216
Pasqualini, V.; Derolez, V.; Garrido, M.; Orsoni, V.; Baldi, Y.; Etourneau, S.; Leoni,; Rébillout, P.; Laugier, T.; Souchu, P.; Malet, N. Spatiotemporal dynamics of submerged macrophyte status and watershed exploitation in a Mediterranean coastal lagoon: Understanding critical factors in ecosystem degradation and restoration 2017 102 1-14
Moullec, F.; Gascuel, D.; Bentorcha, K.; Guénette, S.; Robert, M. Trophic models: What do we learn about Celtic Sea and Bay of Biscay ecosystems? 2017 172 104-117
Xing, L.; Zhang, C.; Chen, Y.; Shin, Y.-J.; Verley, P.; Yu, H.; Ren, Y. An individual-based model for simulating the ecosystem dynamics of Jiaozhou Bay, China 2017 360 120-131