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Lopez, J.; Moreno, G.; Boyra, G.; Dagorn, L. A model based on data from echosounder buoys to estimate biomass of fish species associated with fish aggregating devices 2016 114 166-178
Deininger, A.; Faithfull, C.L.; Lange, K.; Bayer, T.; Vidussi, F.; Liess, A. Simulated terrestrial runoff triggered a phytoplankton succession and changed seston stoichiometry in coastal lagoon mesocosms 2016 119 40-50
Cormier-Salem, M.C.; Panfili, J. Mangrove reforestation: greening or grabbing coastal zones and deltas? Case studies in Senegal 2016 41 89-98
Minguez, L.; Pedelucq, J.; Farcy, E.; Ballandonne, C.; Budzinski, H.; Halm-Lemeille, M.-P. Toxicities of 48 pharmaceuticals and their freshwater and marine environmental assessment in northwestern France 2016 23 4992-5001
Tahri, M.; Crivelli, A., J.; Panfili, J.; Bensouilah, M. Health status of the swim bladder of the European eel Anguilla anguilla in northeastern Algeria’s Lake Oubeïra 2016 4 364-369