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Nguyen-Phuong, T.; Nguyen-Ngoc, D.; Auger, P.; Ly, S.; Jouffre, D. Can Fishing Pressure Invert the Outcome of Interspecific Competition? The Case of the Thiof and of the Octopus Along the Senegalese Coast 2016 64 519-536
Van Beveren, E.; Keck, N.; Fromentin, J.-M.; Laurence, S.; Boulet, H.; Labrut, S.; Baud, M.; Bigarre, L.; Brosset, P.; Saraux, C. Can pathogens alter the population dynamics of sardine in the NW Mediterranean? 2016 163 Unsp-240
Guinand, B.; Chauvel, C.; Lechene, M.; Tournois, J.; Tsigenopoulos, C.S.; Darnaude, A.M.; McKenzie, D.J.; Gagnaire, P.A. Candidate gene variation in gilthead sea bream reveals complex spatiotemporal selection patterns between marine and lagoon habitats 2016 558 115-127
Misson, B.; Garnier, C.; Lauga, B.; Dang, D.H.; Ghiglione, J.-F.; Mullot, J.-U.; Duran, R.; Pringault, O. Chemical multi-contamination drives benthic prokaryotic diversity in the anthropized Toulon Bay 2016 556 319-329
Petersen, J.M.; Kemper, A.; Gruber-Vodicka, H.; Cardini, U.; van der Geest, M.; Kleiner, M.; Bulgheresi, S.; Mußmann, M.; Herbold, C.; Seah, B.K.B.; Antony, C.P.; Liu, D.; Belitz, A.; Weber, M. Chemosynthetic symbionts of marine invertebrate animals are capable of nitrogen fixation 2016 2 16195