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Valls, E.; Navarro, J.; Barria, C.; Coll, M.; Fernandez-Borras, J.; Rotllant, G. Seasonal, ontogenetic and sexual changes in lipid metabolism of the small-spotted catshark (Scyliorhinus canicula) in deep-sea free-living conditions 2016 483 59-63
Turon, V.; Trably, E.; Fouilland, E.; Steyer, J.-P. Potentialities of dark fermentation effluents as substrates for microalgae growth: A review 2016 51 1843-1854
Tsiola, A.; Pitta, P.; Fodelianakis, S.; Pete, R.; Magiopoulos, I.; Mara, P.; Psarra, S.; Tanaka, T.; Mostajir, B. Nutrient Limitation in Surface Waters of the Oligotrophic Eastern Mediterranean Sea: an Enrichment Microcosm Experiment 2016 71 575-588
Trygonis, V.; Georgakarakos, S.; Dagorn, L.; Brehmer, P. Spatiotemporal distribution of fish schools around drifting fish aggregating devices 2016 177 39-49
Trottet, A.; Leboulanger, C.; Vidussi, F.; Pete, R.; Bouvy, M.; Fouilland, E. Heterotrophic Bacteria Show Weak Competition for Nitrogen in Mediterranean Coastal Waters (Thau Lagoon) in Autumn 2016 71 304-314