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Zilius, M.; de Wit, R.; Bartoli, M. Response of sedimentary processes to cyanobacteria loading 2016 75 236-247
Zendong, Z.; Herrenknecht, C.; Abadie, E.; Jauzein, C.; Lemee, R.; Gouriou, J.; Amzil, Z.; Hess, P. Passive Sampling and High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Chemical Profiling of French Coastal Areas with a Focus on Marine Biotoxins 2016 50 8522-8529
Yoboue, A.N.; Konan, K.M.; Konan, K.T.; Boussou, K.C.; Adepo-Gourene, A.B.; Durand, J.-D. Genetic Ecotoxicology of Sarotherodon melanotheron from some Sénégal Hydrosystems Related to Level of Contamination by some Micropollutants 2016 15 109-121
Xia, R.; Durand, J.-D.; Fu, C. Multilocus resolution of Mugilidae phylogeny (Teleostei: Mugiliformes): Implications for the family’s taxonomy 2016 96 161-177
Whitney, N.M.; Taquet, M.; Brill, R.W.; Girard, C.; Schwieterman, G.D.; Dagorn, L.; Holland, K.N. Swimming depth of dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) associated and unassociated with fish aggregating devices 2016 114 426-434