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Grüss, A.; Schirripa, M.J.; Chagaris, D.; Drexler, M.; Simons, J.; Verley, P.; Shin, Y.-J.; Karnauskas, M.; Oliveros-Ramos, R.; Ainsworth, C.H. Evaluation of the trophic structure of the West Florida Shelf in the 2000s using the ecosystem model OSMOSE 2015 144 30-47
Alegre, A.; Bertrand, A.; Espino, M.; Espinoza, P.; Dioses, T.; Ñiquen, M.; Navarro, I.; Simier, M.; Ménard, F. Diet diversity of jack and chub mackerels and ecosystem changes in the northern Humboldt Current system: A long-term study 2015 137, Part A 299-313
Reygondeau, G.; Molinero, J.C.; Coombs, S.; MacKenzie, B.R.; Bonnet, D. Progressive changes in the Western English Channel foster a reorganization in the plankton food web 2015 137 524-532
Pringault, O.; Aube, J.; Bouchez, O.; Klopp, C.; Mariette, J.; Escudie, F.; Senin, P.; Goni-Urriza, M. Contrasted effects of natural complex mixtures of PAHs and metals on oxygen cycle in a microbial mat 2015 135 189-201
Tecchio, S.; Coll, M.; Sardà, F. Structure, functioning, and cumulative stressors of Mediterranean deep-sea ecosystems 2015 135 156-167