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Navarro, J.; Albo-Puigserver, M.; Coll, M.; Saez, R.; Forero, M.G.; Kutcha, R. Isotopic discrimination of stable isotopes of nitrogen (δ15N) and carbon (δ13C) in a host-specific holocephalan tapeworm 2014 88 371-375
Le Pape, O.; DELAVENNE, J.; VAZ, S. Quantitative mapping of fish habitat: A useful tool to design spatialised management measures and marine protected area with fishery objectives 2014 87 8-19
Johnson, K.E.; Perreau, L.; Charmantier, G.; Charmantier-Daures, M.; Lee, C.E. Without Gills: Localization of Osmoregulatory Function in the Copepod Eurytemora affinis 2014 87 310-324
Fouilland, E.; Tolosa, I.; Bonnet, D.; Bouvier, C.; Bouvier, T.; Bouvy, M.; Got, P.; Le Floc'h, E.; Mostajir, B.; Roques, C.; Sempéré, R.; Sime-Ngando, T.; Vidussi, F. Bacterial carbon dependence on freshly produced phytoplankton exudates under different nutrient availability and grazing pressure conditions in coastal marine waters 2014 87 757-769
Espinoza, P.; Bertrand, A. Ontogenetic and spatiotemporal variability in anchoveta Engraulis ringens diet off Peru 2014 84 422-435