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Joo, R.; Bertrand, A.; Bouchon, M.; Chaigneau, A.; Demarcq, H.; Tam, J.; Simier, M.; Gutiérrez, D.; Gutiérrez, M.; Segura, M.; Fablet, R.; Bertrand, S. Ecosystem scenarios shape fishermen spatial behavior. The case of the Peruvian anchovy fishery in the Northern Humboldt Current System 2014 128 60-73
Garavelli, L.; Kaplan, D.; Colas, F.; Stotz, W.; Yannicelli, B.; Lett, C. Identifying appropriate spatial scales for marine conservation and management using a larval dispersal model : the case of Concholepas concholepas (loco) in Chile 2014 124 42-53
Hernandez, O.; Lehodey, P.; Senina, I.; Echevin, V.; Ayon, P.; Bertrand, A.; Gaspar, P. Understanding mechanisms that control fish spawning and larval recruitment : parameter optimization of an Eulerian model (SEAPODYM-SP) with Peruvian anchovy and sardine eggs and larvae data 2014 123 105-122
Cuif, M.; Kaplan, D.M.; Lefèvre, J.; Faure, V.M.; Caillaud, M.; Verley, P.; Vigliola, L.; Lett, C. Wind-induced variability in larval retention in a coral reef system: a biophysical modelling study in the South-West Lagoon of New Caledonia 2014 122 105-115
Benazzouz, A.; Pelegri, J.L.; Demarcq, H.; Machin, F.; Mason, E.; Orbi, A.; Pena-Izquierdo, J.; Soumia, M. On the temporal memory of coastal upwelling off NW Africa 2014 119 6356-6380