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Travers-Trolet, M.; Shin, Y.-J.; Field, J. An end-to-end coupled model ROMS-N 2 P 2 Z 2 D 2 -OSMOSE of the southern Benguela foodweb: parameterisation, calibration and pattern-oriented validation 2014 36 11-29
Mari, X.; Lefevre, J.; Torreton, J.P.; Bettarel, Y.; Pringault, O.; Rochelle-Newall, E.; Marchesiello, P.; Menkes, C.; Rodier, M.; Migon, C.; Motegi, C.; Weinbauer, M.G.; Legendre, L. Effects of soot deposition on particle dynamics and microbial processes in marine surface waters 2014 28 662-678
Chu, Y.; Tournoud, M.G.; Salles, C.; Got, P.; Perrin, J.L.; Rodier, C.; Caro, A.; Troussellier, M. Spatial and temporal dynamics of bacterial contamination in South France coastal rivers: focus on in-stream processes during low flows and floods 2014 28 3300-3313
Przybyla, C.; Fievet, J.; Callier, M.; Blancheton, J.-P. Effect of dietary water content on European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) growth and disease resistance 2014 27 73-81
CURY, P.M.; FROMENTIN, J.-M.; FIGUET, S.; BONHOMMEAU, S. Resolving Hjort's Dilemma How Is Recruitment Related to Spawning Stock Biomass in Marins Fish? 2014 Oceanography 27 42-47