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Chaboud, C. Economie des pêches 2014 277-344
Marsac, F.; Barlow, R.; Ternon, J.-F.; Ménard, F.; Roberts, M. Ecosystem functioning in the Mozambique Channel : synthesis and future research 2014 100 212-220
Joo, R.; Bertrand, A.; Bouchon, M.; Chaigneau, A.; Demarcq, H.; Tam, J.; Simier, M.; Gutiérrez, D.; Gutiérrez, M.; Segura, M.; Fablet, R.; Bertrand, S. Ecosystem scenarios shape fishermen spatial behavior. The case of the Peruvian anchovy fishery in the Northern Humboldt Current System 2014 128 60-73
Bodin, N.; Lucas, V.; Dewals, P.; Adeline, M.; Esparon, J.; Chassot, E. Effect of brine immersion freezing on the determination of ecological tracers in fish 2014 238 1057-1062
Przybyla, C.; Fievet, J.; Callier, M.; Blancheton, J.-P. Effect of dietary water content on European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) growth and disease resistance 2014 27 73-81