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Zudaire, I.; Murua, H.; Grande, M.; Pernet, F.; Bodin, N. Accumulation and mobilization of lipids in relation to reproduction of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) in the Western Indian Ocean 2014 50-59
Thiebault, A.; Mullers, R.; Pistorius, P.; Meza-Torres, M.A.; Dubroca, L.; Green, D.; Tremblay, Y. From colony to first patch: Processes of prey searching and social information in Cape Gannets 2014 131 595-609
Thiebault, A.; Mullers, R.H.E.; Pistorius, P.A.; Tremblay, Y. Local enhancement in a seabird: reaction distances and foraging consequence of predator aggregations 2014 25 1302-1310
Shannon, L.; Coll, M.; Bundy, A.; Gascuel, D.; Heymans, J.J.; Kleisner, K.; Lynam, C.P.; Piroddi, C.; Tam, J.; TraversTrolet, M.; Shin, Y. Trophic level-based indicators to track fishing impacts across marine ecosystems 2014 512 115-140