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Chaboud, C. Economie des pêches 2014 277-344
Restrepo-Ortiz, C.X.; Auguet, J.C.; Casamayor, E.O. Targeting spatiotemporal dynamics of planktonic SAGMGC-1 and segregation of ammonia-oxidizing thaumarchaeota ecotypes by newly designed primers and quantitative polymerase chain reaction 2014 16 689-700
Merbt, S.N.; Auguet, J.C.; Blesa, A.; Marti, E.; Casamayor, E.O. Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluents Change Abundance and Composition of Ammonia-Oxidizing Microorganisms in Mediterranean Urban Stream Biofilms 2014
PERNET, F.; LAGARDE, F.; JEANNEE, N.; DAIGLE, G.; BARRET, J.; LE GALL, P.; QUERE, C.; ROQUE D'ORBCASTEL, E. Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Mass Mortalities in Oysters Is Influenced by Energetic Reserves and Food Quality 2014 Plos One 9 e88469
PERNET, F.; LAGARDE, F.; LE GALL, P.; ROQUE D'ORBCASTEL, E. Associations between farming practices and disease mortality of Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas in a Mediterranean lagoon 2014 Aquaculture Environment Interactions 5 99-106