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Gimenez, O.; Buckland, S.T.; Morgan, B.J.T.; Bez, N.; Bertrand, S.; Choquet, R.; Dray, S.; Etienne, M.-P.; Fewster, R.; Gosselin, F.; Mérigot, B.; Monestiez, P.; Morales, J.M.; Mortier, F.; Munoz, F.; Ovaskainen, O.; Pavoine, S.; Pradel, R.; Schurr, F.M.; Thomas, L.; Thuiller, W.; Trenkel, V.; Valpine, P. de; Rexstad, E. Statistical ecology comes of age 2014 10 20140698
PERNET, F.; LAGARDE, F.; JEANNEE, N.; DAIGLE, G.; BARRET, J.; LE GALL, P.; QUERE, C.; ROQUE D'ORBCASTEL, E. Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Mass Mortalities in Oysters Is Influenced by Energetic Reserves and Food Quality 2014 Plos One 9 e88469
Mouillot, D.; Villeger, S.; Parravicini, V.; Kulbicki, M.; Arias-González, J.E.; Bender, M.; Chabanet, P.; Floeter, S.R.; Friedlander, A.; Vigliola, L.; Bellwood, D.R. Functional over-redundancy and high functional vulnerability in global fish faunas on tropical reefs 2014 111 13757-13762
Chu, T.V.; Torréton, J.-P.; Mari, X.; Nguyen, H.M.T.; Pham, K.T.; Pham, T.T.; Bouvier, T.; Bettarel, Y.; Pringault, O.; Bouvier, C.; Rochelle-Newall, E. Nutrient ratios and the complex structure of phytoplankton communities in a highly turbid estuary of Southeast Asia 2014 186 8555-8572
Benazzouz, A.; Pelegri, J.L.; Demarcq, H.; Machin, F.; Mason, E.; Orbi, A.; Pena-Izquierdo, J.; Soumia, M. On the temporal memory of coastal upwelling off NW Africa 2014 119 6356-6380