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Gimenez, O.; Buckland, S.T.; Morgan, B.J.T.; Bez, N.; Bertrand, S.; Choquet, R.; Dray, S.; Etienne, M.-P.; Fewster, R.; Gosselin, F.; Mérigot, B.; Monestiez, P.; Morales, J.M.; Mortier, F.; Munoz, F.; Ovaskainen, O.; Pavoine, S.; Pradel, R.; Schurr, F.M.; Thomas, L.; Thuiller, W.; Trenkel, V.; Valpine, P. de; Rexstad, E. Statistical ecology comes of age 2014 10 20140698
Grande, M.; Murua, H.; Zudaire, I.; Goni, N.; Bodin, N. Reproductive timing and reproductive capacity of the Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) in the western Indian Ocean 2014 156 14-22
Gutowsky, S.E.; Tremblay, Y.; Kappes, M.A.; Flint, E.N.; Klavitter, J.; Laniawe, L.; Costa, D.P.; Naughton, M.B.; Romano, M.D.; Shaffer, S.A. Divergent post-breeding distribution and habitat associations of fledgling and adult black-footed Albatrosses Phoebastria nigripes in the North Pacific 2014 156 60-72
Hadjadji, I.; Frehi, H.; Ayada, L.; Abadie, E.; Collos, Y. A comparative analysis of Alexandrium catenella/tamarense blooms in Annaba Bay (Algeria) and Thau lagoon (France); phosphorus limitation as a trigger 2014 337 117-122
Hancke, L.; Roberts, M.J.; Ternon, J.-F. Surface drifter trajectories highlight flow pathways in the Mozambique Channel 2014 100 27-37