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Adalsteinsson, S.A.; Branch, W.R.; Trape, S.; Vitt, L.J.; Hedges, S.B. Molecular phylogeny, classification, and biogeography of snakes of the Family Leptotyphlopidae (Reptilia, Squamata) 2009 1-50
Aristegui, J.; Barton, E.D.; Alvarez-Salgado, X.A.; Santos, A.M.P.; Figueiras, F.G.; Kifani, S.; Hernandez-Leon, S.; Mason, E.; Machu, E.; Demarcq, H. Sub-regional ecosystem variability in the Canary Current upwrelling 2009 83 33-48
Auguet, J.C.; Montanie, H.; Hartmann, H.J.; Lebaron, P.; Casamayor, E.O.; Catala, P.; Delmas, D. Potential effect of freshwater virus on the structure and activity of bacterial communities in the Marennes-Oleron Bay (France) 2009 57 295-306
Bach, P.; Gaertner, D.; Menkes, C.; Romanov, E.; Travassos, P. Effects of the gear deployment strategy and current shear on pelagic longline shoaling 2009 95 55-64
Berrebi, P.; Rodriguez, P.; Rooney, C.; d'Aloya, S.; Cattaneo-Berrebi, G. Haplotypic confinement in two cryptic and closely-related species of sedentary gobies, Pomatoschistus microps and P. marmoratus in French Mediterranean lagoons 2009 58 123-131