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BANARU, D.; MELLON, C.; ROOS, D.; BIGOT, J.-L.; SOUPLET, A.; JADAUD, A.; Beaubrun, P.; FROMENTIN, J.-M. Trophic structure in the Gulf of Lions marine ecosystem (north-western Mediterranean Sea) and fishing impacts 2013 Journal Of Marine Systems 111 45-68
FU, C.; LARGE, S.; KNIGHT, B.; RICHARDSON, A.J.; BUNDY, A.; REYGONDEAU, G.; BOLDT, J.; VAN DER MEEREN, G.I.; TORRES, M.A.; SOBRINO, I.; AUBER, A.; TRAVERS-TROLET, M.; PIRODDI, C.; DIALLO, I.; JOUFFRE, D.; MENDES, H.; BORGES, M.F.; LYNAM, C.P.; COLL, M.; SHANNON, L.J.; SHIN, Y.-J. Relationships among fisheries exploitation, environmental conditions, and ecological indicators across a series of marine ecosystems 2015 Journal of Marine Systems 148 101-111
PLANQUE, B.; FROMENTIN, J.-M.; CURY, P.; DRINKWATER, K.F.; JENNINGS, S.; PERRY, R.I.; KIFANI, S. How does fishing alter marine populations and ecosystems sensitivity to climate? 2010 Journal of Marine Systems 79 403-417