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Sadio, O.; Simier, M.; Le Loc’h, F.; Tito De Morais, L. Length-weight relationships of 19 fish species from two tropical artificial reservoirs (Manantali and Selingue) in Mali, West Africa 2021 45 059-062
Gomes de Barros, M.J.; Eduardo, L.N.; Bertrand, A.; Lucena-Fredou, F.; Fredou, T.; Lira, A.S.; Ferreira, B.P. Bottom trawling on a carbonate shelf: Do we get what we see? 2021 213 104314
Lefevre, S.; Wang, T.; McKenzie, D.J. The role of mechanistic physiology in investigating impacts of global warming on fishes 2021 224 jeb238840
Annasawmy, P.; Cherel, Y.; Romanov, E.; Le Loc'h, F.; Menard, F.; Ternon, J.-F.; Marsac, F. Stable isotope patterns of mesopelagic communities over two shallow seamounts of the south-western Indian Ocean 2020 176 104804
Cherel, Y.; Romanov, E.; Annasawmy, P.; Thibault, D.; Menard, F. Micronektonic fish species over three seamounts in the southwestern Indian Ocean 2020 176 104777