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Compte-Port, S.; Borrego, C.M.; Moussard, H.; Jeanbille, M.; Restrepo-Ortiz, C.X.; de Diego, A.; Rodriguez-Iruretagoiena, A.; Gredilla, A.; Fdez-Ortiz de Vallejuelo, S.; Galand, P.E.; Kalenitchenko, D.; Rols, J.-L.; Pokrovsky, O.S.; Gonzalez, A.G.; Camarero, L.; Muniz, S.; Navarro-Navarro, E.; Auguet, J.-C. Metal contaminations impact archaeal community composition, abundance and function in remote alpine lakes 2018 20 2422-2437
Cormier, B.; Batel, A.; Cachot, J.; Begout, M.-L.; Braunbeck, T.; Cousin, X.; Keiter, S.H. Multi-Laboratory Hazard Assessment of Contaminated Microplastic Particles by Means of Enhanced Fish Embryo Test With the Zebrafish (Danio rerio) 2019 7 135
Courbin, N.; Besnard, A.; Peron, C.; Saraux, C.; Fort, J.; Perret, S.; Tornos, J.; Gremillet, D. Short-term prey field lability constrains individual specialisation in resource selection and foraging site fidelity in a marine predator 2018 21 1043-1054
Cousin, X.; Batel, A.; Bringer, A.; Hess, S.; Begout, M.-L.; Braunbeck, T. Microplastics and sorbed contaminants – Trophic exposure in fish sensitive early life stages 2020 161 105126
Coz, R.; Ouisse, V.; Artero, C.; Carpentier, A.; Crave, A.; Feunteun, E.; Olivier, J.M.; Perrin, B.; Ysnel, F. Development of a new standardised method for sustainable monitoring of the vulnerable pink sea fan Eunicella verrucosa 2012 159 1375-1388