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Amemou, H.; Kone, V.; Aman, A.; Lett, C. Assessment of a Lagrangian model using trajectories of oceanographic drifters and fishing devices in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean 2020 188 102426
Gerlotto, F.; Jones, E.; Bez, N.; Reid, D.G. When good neighbours become good friends: observing small scale structures in fish aggregations using multibeam sonar 2010 23 143-151
Granger, V.; Bez, N.; Fromentin, J.-M.; Meynard, C.; Jadaud, A.; Mérigot, B. Mapping diversity indices: not a trivial issue 2015 6 688-696
Lett, C.; Semeria, M.; Thiebault, A.; Tremblay, Y. Effects of successive predator attacks on prey aggregations 2014 7 239-252
Mariani, P.; Křivan, V.; MacKenzie, B.R.; Mullon, C. The migration game in habitat network: the case of tuna 2016 9 219-232