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Massol, F.; Dubart, M.; Calcagno, V.; Cazelles, K.; Jacquet, C.; Kefi, S.; Gravel, D. Island Biogeography of Food Webs 2017 183-262
Matthews, T.J.; Triantis, K.A.; Whittaker, R.J.; Guilhaumon, F. sars: an R package for fitting, evaluating and comparing species-area relationship models 2019 42 1446-1455
Mazel, F.; Guilhaumon, F.; Mouquet, N.; Devictor, V.; Gravel, D.; Renaud, J.; Cianciaruso, M.V.; Loyola, R.; Diniz, J.A.F.; Mouillot, D.; Thuiller, W. Multifaceted diversity-area relationships reveal global hotspots of mammalian species, trait and lineage diversity 2014 23 836-847