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Freon, P.; Sueiro, J.C.; Iriarte, F.; Miro Evar, O.F.; Landa, Y.; Mittaine, J.-F.; Bouchon, M. Harvesting for food versus feed: a review of Peruvian fisheries in a global context 2013
Lupo, C.; Bougeard, S.; Le Bihan, V.; Blin, J.L.; Allain, G.; Azema, P.; Benoit, F.; Bechemin, C.; Bernard, I.; Blachier, P.; Brieau, L.; Danion, M.; Garcia, A.; Gervasoni, E.; Glize, P.; Laine, A.; Lapegue, S.; Mablouke, C.; Poirier, L.; Raymond, J.C.; Treilles, M.; Chauvin, C.; Le Bouquin, S. Mortality of marine mussels Mytilus edulis and M. galloprovincialis: systematic literature review of risk factors and recommendations for future research 2020
Quétel, C.; Marinesque, S.; Ringler, D.; Fillinger, L.; Changeux, T.; Marteau, C.; Troussellier, M. Iles Eparses (SW Indian Ocean) as reference ecosystems for environmental research 2016 1-8
Eduardo Nole, L.; Mincarone, M.M.; Lucena-Fredou, F.; Martins, J.R.; Afonso, G.V.F.; Villarins, B.T.; Fredou, T.; Lira, A.S.; Bertrand, A. Length-weight relationship of twelve mesopelagic fishes from the western Tropical Atlantic 2020