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Larsen, B.K.; Skov, P.V.; McKenzie, D.J.; Jokumsen, A. The effects of stocking density and low level sustained exercise on the energetic efficiency of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) reared at 19 degrees C 2012 324 226-233
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Boyd, C.; Punt, A.E.; Weimerskirch, H.; Bertrand, S. Movement models provide insights into variation in the foraging effort of central place foragers 2014 286 13-25
Sadoul, B.; Alfonso, S.; Bessa, E.; Bouchareb, A.; Blondeau-Bidet, E.; Clair, P.; Chatain, B.; Begout, M.L.; Geffroy, B. Enhanced brain expression of genes related to cell proliferation and neural differentiation is associated with cortisol receptor expression in fishes 2018 267 76-81
Siegwalt, F.; Benhamou, S.; Girondot, M.; Jeantet, L.; Martin, J.; Bonola, M.; Lelong, P.; Grand, C.; Chambault, P.; Benhalilou, A.; Murgale, C.; Maillet, T.; Andreani, L.; Campistron, G.; Jacaria, F.; Hielard, G.; Arque, A.; Etienne, D.; Gresser, J.; Regis, S.; Lecerf, N.; Frouin, C.; Lefebvre, F.; Aubert, N.; Vedie, F.; Barnerias, C.; Thieulle, L.; Guimera, C.; Bouaziz, M.; Pinson, A.; Flora, F.; George, F.; Eggenspieler, J.; Woignier, T.; Allenou, J.-P.; Louis-Jean, L.; Chanteur, B.; Beranger, C.; Crillon, J.; Brador, A.; Habold, C.; Le Maho, Y.; Robin, J.-P.; Chevallier, D. High fidelity of sea turtles to their foraging grounds revealed by satellite tracking and capture-mark-recapture: New insights for the establishment of key marine conservation areas 2020 250 108742