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Griot, R.; Allal, F.; Phocas, F.; Brard-Fudulea, S.; Morvezen, R.; Bestin, A.; Haffray, P.; François, Y.; Morin, T.; Poncet, C.; Vergnet, A.; Cariou, S.; Brunier, J.; Bruant, J.-S.; Peyrou, B.; Gagnaire, P.-A.; Vandeputte, M. Genome-wide association studies for resistance to viral nervous necrosis in three populations of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) using a novel 57k SNP array DlabChip 2021 530 735930
Rossi, F.; Baeta, A.; Marques, J.C. Stable isotopes reveal habitat-related diet shifts in facultative deposit-feeders 2015 95 172-179
David, M.; Bailly-Comte, V.; Munaron, D.; Fiandrino, A.; Stieglitz, T.C. Groundwater discharge to coastal streams – A significant pathway for nitrogen inputs to a hypertrophic Mediterranean coastal lagoon 2019 677 142-155
Auguet, J.C.; Montanie, H.; Delmas, D.; Hartmann, H.J.; Huet, V. Dynamic of virioplankton abundance and its environmental control in the Charente estuary (France) 2005 50 337-349
Freon, P.; Sueiro, J.C.; Iriarte, F.; Miro Evar, O.F.; Landa, Y.; Mittaine, J.-F.; Bouchon, M. Harvesting for food versus feed: a review of Peruvian fisheries in a global context 2013