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Dortel, E.; Pecquerie, L.; Chassot, E. A Dynamic Energy Budget simulation approach to investigate the eco-physiological factors behind the two-stanza growth of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) 2020 437 109297
Sadoul, B.; Geffroy, B.; Lallement, S.; Kearney, M. Multiple working hypotheses for hyperallometric reproduction in fishes under metabolic theory 2020 433 109228
Lefevre, S.; Mckenzie, D.J.; Nilsson, G.E. Models projecting the fate of fish populations under climate change need to be based on valid physiological mechanisms 2017 23 3449-3459
Du, X.; Deng, Y.; Li, S.; Escalas, A.; Feng, K.; He, Q.; Wang, Z.; Wu, Y.; Wang, D.; Peng, X.; Wang, S. Steeper spatial scaling patterns of subsoil microbiota are shaped by deterministic assembly process 2021 30 1072-1085
Lefevre, S.; McKenzie, D.J.; Nilsson, G.E. In modelling effects of global warming, invalid assumptions lead to unrealistic projections 2018 24 553-556