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Schickele, A.; Leroy, B.; Beaugrand, G.; Goberville, E.; Hattab, T.; Francour, P.; Raybaud, V. Modelling European small pelagic fish distribution: Methodological insights 2020 416 108902
Shannon, L.J.; Coll, M.; Yemane, D.; Jouffre, D.; Neira, S.; Bertrand, A.; Diaz, E.; Shin, Y.J. Comparing data-based indicators across upwelling and comparable systems for communicating ecosystem states and trends 2010 67 807-832
Sion, L.; Zupa, W.; Calculli, C.; Garofalo, G.; Hidalgo, M.; Jadaud, A.; Lefkaditou, E.; Ligas, A.; Peristeraki, P.; Bitetto, I.; Capezzuto, F.; Carlucci, R.; Esteban, A.; Follesa, C.; Guijarro, B.; Ikica, Z.; Isajlovic, I.; Lembo, G.; Manfredi, C.; Luis Perez, J.; Porcu, C.; Thasitis, I.; Tserpes, G.; Carbonara, P. Spatial distribution pattern of European hake, Merluccius merluccius (Pisces: Merlucciidae), in the Mediterranean Sea 2019 83 21-32
Travassos Tolotti, M.; Forget, F.; Capello, M.; Filmalter, J.D.; Hutchinson, M.; Itano, D.; Holland, K.; Dagorn, L. Association dynamics of tuna and purse seine bycatch species with drifting fish aggregating devices (FADs) in the tropical eastern Atlantic Ocean 2020 226 105521
Van Beveren, E.; Keck, N.; Fromentin, J.-M.; Laurence, S.; Boulet, H.; Labrut, S.; Baud, M.; Bigarre, L.; Brosset, P.; Saraux, C. Can pathogens alter the population dynamics of sardine in the NW Mediterranean? 2016 163 Unsp-240