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Aubert, A.; Antajan, E.; Lynam, C.; Pitois, S.; Pliru, A.; Vaz, S.; Thibault, D. No more reason for ignoring gelatinous zooplankton in ecosystem assessment and marine management: Concrete cost-effective methodology during routine fishery trawl surveys 2018 89 100-108
Rombouts, I.; Beaugrand, G.; Fizzala, X.; Gaill, F.; Greenstreet, S.P.R.; Lamare, S.; Le Loc'h, F.; McQuatters-Gollop, A.; Mialet, B.; Niquil, N.; Percelay, J.; Renaud, F.; Rossberg, A.G.; Féral, J.P. Food web indicators under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive: From complexity to simplicity? 2013 29 246-254