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Thiebault, A.; Tremblay, Y. Splitting animal trajectories into fine-scale behaviorally consistent movement units: breaking points relate to external stimuli in a foraging seabird 2013 67 1013-1026
Coz, R.; Ouisse, V.; Artero, C.; Carpentier, A.; Crave, A.; Feunteun, E.; Olivier, J.M.; Perrin, B.; Ysnel, F. Development of a new standardised method for sustainable monitoring of the vulnerable pink sea fan Eunicella verrucosa 2012 159 1375-1388
Suquet, M.; Cosson, J.; Donval, A.; Labbe, C.; Boulais, M.; Haffray, P.; Bernard, I.; Fauvel, C. Marathon vs sprint racers: an adaptation of sperm characteristics to the reproductive strategy of Pacific oyster, turbot and seabass 2012 28 956-960
Sturrock, A.M.; Trueman, C.N.; Darnaude, A.M.; Hunter, E. Can otolith elemental chemistry retrospectively track migrations in fully marine fishes? 2012 81 766-795
Gruss, A.; Kaplan, D.; Guenette, S.; Roberts, C.M.; Botsford, L.W. Consequences of adult and juvenile movement for marine protected areas 2011 144 692-702