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Suquet, M.; Cosson, J.; Donval, A.; Labbe, C.; Boulais, M.; Haffray, P.; Bernard, I.; Fauvel, C. Marathon vs sprint racers: an adaptation of sperm characteristics to the reproductive strategy of Pacific oyster, turbot and seabass 2012 28 956-960
Thiebault, A.; Tremblay, Y. Splitting animal trajectories into fine-scale behaviorally consistent movement units: breaking points relate to external stimuli in a foraging seabird 2013 67 1013-1026
Thorne, L.H.; Hazen, E.L.; Bograd, S.J.; Foley, D.G.; Conners, M.G.; Kappes, M.A.; Kim, H.M.; Costa, D.P.; Tremblay, Y.; Shaffer, S.A. Foraging behavior links climate variability and reproduction in North Pacific albatrosses 2015 3 27
van Gils, J.A.; van der Geest, M.; De Meulenaer, B.; Gillis, H.; Piersma, T.; Folmer, E.O. Moving on with foraging theory: incorporating movement decisions into the functional response of a gregarious shorebird 2015 84 554-564