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Villeger, S.; Brosse, S.; Mouchet, M.; Mouillot, D.; Vanni, M.J. Functional ecology of fish: current approaches and future challenges 2017 79 783-801
Viblanc, V.A.; Saraux, C.; Murie, J.O.; Dobson, F.S. Kin effects on energy allocation in group-living ground squirrels 2016 85 1361-1369
Sirot, C.; Villeger, S.; Mouillot, D.; Darnaude, A.M.; Ramos-Miranda, J.; Flores-Hernandez, D.; Panfili, J. Combinations of biological attributes predict temporal dynamics of fish species in response to environmental changes 2015 Ecological Indicators 48 147-156
Passarone, R.; Aparecido, K.C.; Eduardo Nole, L.; Lira, A.S.; Santos Silva, L.V.; Justino, A.K.S.; Craveiro, C.; Silva, E.F.; Lucena-Fredou, F. Ecological and conservation aspects of bycatch fishes: An evaluation of shrimp fisheries impacts in Northeastern Brazil 2019 67 Unsp-e19291
Oikonomou, A.; Leprieur, F.; Leonardos, I.D. Ecomorphological diversity of freshwater fishes as a tool for conservation priority setting: a case study from a Balkan hotspot 2018 101 1121-1136