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Klein, J.C.; Verlaque, M. Temporal trends in invasion impacts in macrophyte assemblages of the Mediterranean Sea 2012 53 403-407
Toussaint, A.; Beauchard, O.; Oberdorff, T.; Brosse, S.; Villeger, S. Worldwide freshwater fish homogenization is driven by a few widespread non-native species 2016 18 1295-1304
Toussaint, A.; Charpin, N.; Beauchard, O.; Grenouillet, G.; Oberdorff, T.; Tedesco, P.A.; Brosse, S.; Villeger, S. Non-native species led to marked shifts in functional diversity of the world freshwater fish faunas 2018 21 1649-1659
Villeger, S.; Blanchet, S.; Beauchard, O.; Oberdorff, T.; Brosse, S. From current distinctiveness to future homogenization of the world's freshwater fish faunas 2015 21 223-235