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Loiseau, N.; Gaertner, J.-C.; Kulbicki, M.; Mérigot, B.; Legras, G.; Taquet, M.; Gaertner-Mazouni, N. Assessing the multicomponent aspect of coral fish diversity: The impact of sampling unit dimensions 2016 60 815-823
McKenzie, D.J.; Estivales, G.; Svendsen, J.C.; Steffensen, J.F.; Agnese, J.-F. Local adaptation to altitude underlies divergent thermal physiology in tropical killifishes of the genus aphyosemion 2013 8
METCALFE, K.; VAZ, S.; ENGELHARD, G.H.; VILLANUEVA, C.-M.; SMITH, R.J.; MACKINSON, S. Evaluating conservation and fisheries management strategies by linking spatial prioritization software and ecosystem and fisheries modelling tools 2015 52 665-674
Monnet, A.C.; Jiguet, F.; Meynard, C.N.; Mouillot, D.; Mouquet, N.; Thuiller, W.; Devictor, V. Asynchrony of taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic diversity in birds 2014 23 780-788
NIEBLAS, A.-E.; DEMARCQ, H.; DRUSHKA, K.; SLOYAN, B.; BONHOMMEAU, S. Front variability and surface ocean features of the presumed southern bluefin tuna spawning grounds in the tropical southeast Indian Ocean 2014 107 64-76