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Bauer, R.K.; Stepputtis, D.; Gräwe, U.; Zimmermann, C.; Hammer, C. Wind-induced variability in coastal larval retention areas: a case study on Western Baltic spring-spawning herring 2013
Brosset, P.; Lloret, J.; Munoz, M.; Fauvel, C.; Van Beveren, E.; Marques, V.; Fromentin, J.-M.; Menard, F.; Saraux, C. Body reserves mediate trade-offs between life-history traits: new insights from small pelagic fish reproduction 2016 3 160202
Peck, M.A.; Alheit, J.; Bertrand, A.; Catalan, I.A.; Garrido, S.; Moyano, M.; Rykaczewski, R.R.; Takasuka, A.; Lingen, C.D. van der Small pelagic fish in the new millennium: A bottom-up view of global research effort 2021 191 102494
Rouyer, T.; Ottersen, G.; Durant, J.M.; Hidalgo, M.; Hjermann, D.Ø.; Persson, J.; Stige, L.C.; Stenseth, N.C. Shifting dynamic forces in fish stock fluctuations triggered by age truncation? 2011 17 3046-3057