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Tribot, A.-S.; Deter, J.; Mouquet, N. Integrating the aesthetic value of landscapes and biological diversity 2018 285 20180971
Kadowaki, K.; Barbera, C.G.; Godsoe, W.; Delsuc, F.; Mouquet, N. Predicting biotic interactions and their variability in a changing environment 2016 12 20151073
Murgier, J.; McLean, M.; Maire, A.; Mouillot, D.; Loiseau, N.; Munoz, F.; Violle, C.; Auber, A. Rebound in functional distinctiveness following warming and reduced fishing in the North Sea 2021 288 20201600
McLean, M.; Stuart-Smith, R.D.; Villeger, S.; Auber, A.; Edgar, G.J.; MacNeil, M.A.; Loiseau, N.; Leprieur, F.; Mouillot, D. Trait similarity in reef fish faunas across the world's oceans 2021 118 e2012318118
Hadj-Hammou, J.; Mouillot, D.; Graham, N.A.J. Response and Effect Traits of Coral Reef Fish 2021 8 640619