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Villon, S.; Mouillot, D.; Chaumont, M.; Subsol, G.; Claverie, T.; Villeger, S. A new method to control error rates in automated species identification with deep learning algorithms 2020 10 10972
Albouy, C.; Delattre, V.; Donati, G.; Frolicher, T.L.; Albouy-Boyer, S.; Rufino, M.; Pellissier, L.; Mouillot, D.; Leprieur, F. Global vulnerability of marine mammals to global warming 2020 10 548
Arnaud-Haond, S.; Stoeckel, S.; Bailleul, D. New insights into the population genetics of partially clonal organisms: When seagrass data meet theoretical expectations 2020 29 3248-3260
Mouton, T.L.; Tonkin, J.D.; Stephenson, F.; Verburg, P.; Floury, M. Increasing climate-driven taxonomic homogenization but functional differentiation among river macroinvertebrate assemblages 2020
Loiseau, N.; Mouquet, N.; Casajus, N.; Grenie, M.; Gueguen, M.; Maitner, B.; Mouillot, D.; Ostling, A.; Renaud, J.; Tucker, C.; Velez, L.; Thuiller, W.; Violle, C. Global distribution and conservation status of ecologically rare mammal and bird species 2020 11 5071