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Bachiller, E.; Albo-Puigserver, M.; Gimenez, J.; Grazia Pennino, M.; Mari-Mena, N.; Esteban, A.; Lloret-Lloret, E.; Jadaud, A.; Carro, B.; Maria Bellido, J.; Coll, M. A trophic latitudinal gradient revealed in anchovy and sardine from the Western Mediterranean Sea using a multi-proxy approach 2020 10 17598
Arneth, A.; Shin, Y.-J.; Leadley, P.; Rondinini, C.; Bukvareva, E.; Kolb, M.; Midgley, G.F.; Oberdorff, T.; Palomo, I.; Saito, O. Post-2020 biodiversity targets need to embrace climate change 2020 117 30882-30891
Du, X.; Deng, Y.; Li, S.; Escalas, A.; Feng, K.; He, Q.; Wang, Z.; Wu, Y.; Wang, D.; Peng, X.; Wang, S. Steeper spatial scaling patterns of subsoil microbiota are shaped by deterministic assembly process 2020
Qian, H.; Jin, Y.; Leprieur, F.; Wang, X.; Deng, T. Patterns of phylogenetic beta diversity measured at deep evolutionary histories across geographical and ecological spaces for angiosperms in China 2020
Hill, S.L.; Hinke, J.; Bertrand, S.; Fritz, L.; Furness, R.W.; Ianelli, J.N.; Murphy, M.; Oliveros‐Ramos, R.; Pichegru, L.; Sharp, R.; Stillman, R.A.; Wright, P.J.; Ratcliffe, N. Reference points for predators will progress ecosystem-based management of fisheries 2020 21 368-378