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Maury, O.; Poggiale, J.-C. From individuals to populations to communities: A dynamic energy budget model of marine ecosystem size-spectrum including life history diversity 2013 324 52-71
Carteron, A.; Jeanmougin, M.; Leprieur, F.; Spatharis, S. Assessing the efficiency of clustering algorithms and goodness-of-fit measures using phytoplankton field data 2012 9 64-68
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Catherine, A.; Selma, M.; Mouillot, D.; Troussellier, M.; Bernard, C. Patterns and multi-scale drivers of phytoplankton species richness in temperate peri-urban lakes 2016 559 74-83
Reichel, K.; Masson, J.-P.; Malrieu, F.; Arnaud-Haond, S.; Stoeckel, S. Rare sex or out of reach equilibrium? The dynamics of F-IS in partially clonal organisms 2016 17 76