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Oberdorff, T.; Dias, M.S.; Jezequel, C.; Albert, J.S.; Arantes, C.C.; Bigorne, R.; Carvajal-Valleros, F.M.; De Wever, A.; Frederico, R.G.; Hidalgo, M.; Hugueny, B.; Leprieur, F.; Maldonado, M.; Maldonado-Ocampo, J.; Martens, K.; Ortega, H.; Sarmiento, J.; Tedesco, P.A.; Torrente-Vilara, G.; Winemiller, K.O.; Zuanon, J. Unexpected fish diversity gradients in the Amazon basin 2019 5 eaav8681
Huang, J.-L.; Andrello, M.; Martensen, A.C.; Saura, S.; Liu, D.-F.; He, J.-H.; Fortin, M.-J. Importance of spatio-temporal connectivity to maintain species experiencing range shifts 2020
Zubia, M.; Depetris, M.; Flores, O.; Turquet, J.; Cuet, P. Macroalgae as a tool for assessing the ecological status of coral reefs under the Water Framework Directive: A case study on the reef flats of La Reunion (Indian Ocean) 2018 137 339-351
Saulquin, B.; Fablet, R.; Mercier, G.; Demarcq, H.; Mangin, A.; d' Andon, O.H.F. Multiscale Event-Based Mining in Geophysical Time Series: Characterization and Distribution of Significant Time-Scales in the Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies Relatively to ENSO Periods from 1985 to 2009 2014 7 3543-3552
Loiseau, N.; Payri, C.E.; Mattio, L.; Andrefouet, S.; Grellier, M.; Zubia, M. Functional convergence in macroalgal assemblages of isolated coral reefs in the Mozambique Channel 2019 166 27