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Putman, N.F.; Verley, P.; Endres, C.S.; Lohmann, K.J. Magnetic navigation behavior and the oceanic ecology of young loggerhead sea turtles 2015 218 1044-1050
Putman, N.F.; Verley, P.; Shay, T.J.; Lohmann, K.J. Simulating transoceanic migrations of young loggerhead sea turtles : merging magnetic navigation behavior with an ocean circulation model 2012 215 1863-1870
ROQUE D'ORBCASTEL, E.; BLANCHETON, J.-P.; AUBIN, J. Towards environmentally sustainable aquaculture: Comparison between two trout farming systems using Life Cycle Assessment 2009 Aquacultural Engineering 40 113-119
Ternon, J.-F.; Bach, P.; Barlow, R.; Huggett, J.; Jaquemet, S.; Marsac, F.; Ménard, F.; Penven, P.; Potier, M.; Roberts, M.J. The Mozambique Channel : from physics to upper trophic levels 2014 100 1-9
Ternon, J.F.; Roberts, M.J.; Morris, T.; Hancke, L.; Backeberg, B. In situ measured current structures of the eddy field in the Mozambique Channel 2014 10-26