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Cox, S.L.; Authier, M.; Orgeret, F.; Weimerskirch, H.; Guinet, C. High mortality rates in a juvenile free-ranging marine predator and links to dive and forage ability 2020 10 410-430
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Le Vaillant, M.; Viblanc, V.A.; Saraux, C.; Bohec, C.L.; Maho, Y.L.; Kato, A.; Criscuolo, F.; Ropert-Coudert, Y. Telomere length reflects individual quality in free-living adult king penguins 2015 38 2059-2067
Queiros, Q.; Fromentin, J.-M.; Gasset, E.; Dutto, G.; Huiban, C.; Metral, L.; Leclerc, L.; Schull, Q.; McKenzie, D.J.; Saraux, C. Food in the sea: size also matters for pelagic fish 2019 6 Unsp-385