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Dossa, A.N.; Silva, A.C.; Chaigneau, A.; Eldin, G.; Araujo, M.; Bertrand, A. Near-surface western boundary circulation off Northeast Brazil 2021 190 102475
Diogoul, N.; Brehmer, P.; Demarcq, H.; El Ayoubi, S.; Thiam, A.; Sarre, A.; Mouget, A.; Perrot, Y. On the robustness of an eastern boundary upwelling ecosystem exposed to multiple stressors 2021 11 1908
Mannocci, L.; Baidai, Y.; Forget, F.; Tolotti, M.T.; Dagorn, L.; Capello, M. Machine learning to detect bycatch risk: Novel application to echosounder buoys data in tuna purse seine fisheries 2021 255 109004
Mincarone, M.M.; Martins, J.R.; Di Dario, F.; Eduardo, L.N.; Fredou, T.; Lucena-Fredou, F.; Bertrand, A. Deep-sea smelts, pencil smelts, and barreleyes (Teleostei: Argentiniformes) from oceanic islands and seamounts off northeastern Brazil 2021
Costa da Silva, A.; Chaigneau, A.; Dossa, A.N.; Eldin, G.; Araujo, M.; Bertrand, A. Surface Circulation and Vertical Structure of Upper Ocean Variability Around Fernando de Noronha Archipelago and Rocas Atoll During Spring 2015 and Fall 2017 2021 8 598101